M.J.Gallagher Contractors Ltd. have established a peerless reputation for the highest Health & Safety standards within the construction industry. This has been achieved through a positive track record with clients for continuous application of good site practices. Additional status as a high achieving company in the area of Health and Safety was achieved by winning the Construction News Specialist Award for Health and Safety (2010).

The Gallagher management team work closely together to drive the company's management ethos of high Health and Safety standards deep into the workforce. Of late there has been a campaign to achieve even higher H&S standards through training to understand the concepts of "Behavioural Safety." The benefits of the campaign should be reflected in improved accident statistics in the future.

Gallagher has a well rounded H&S management system which runs through continuous evaluation of RAMS for site activities, statistical analysis of accidents and incidents and health monitoring of all staff. The company is committed to continuing to monitor, audit and review systems in seeking to stay at the forefront of H&S standards within the industry.